Tenorshare iCareFone Crack Plus Keygen 2024

Tenorshare ICareFone Crack

Tenorshare iCareFone 9.0 Crack With Serial Key

Tenorshare ICareFone Crack

Tenorshare iCareFone Crack is an application that you can use for recovery of mobile data or if you want to transfer data if you want to migrate data from one mobile to another mobile or from the old device to a new device yan transfer if you purchase a new cell or you want to transfer your all accounts into new mobile or other text or contact or media you can transfer or beside this, if you have to restore the mobile or you do not want to lose your data then this app will permit you to send your data into a laptop. And then after setting up your mobile, you can now again save your data to your mobile.

Uses of this app:

If you want to send different images or groups of images to another device. Then you will not need to send them one by one but you can also send the group of pictures before sending or transferring the pictures if you want to edit the images or want to compress the size of the pictures you can also compress the size or beside this, if you have to restore the data or before the restoring you want to see the data. Then you can see or select the data you want to restore if you want to restore selectively you can restore or if you want to restore complete data. Plus,  then you can also restore.

Tenorshare ICareFone Crack


  • You will not need to convert the data in any specific format before transferring. You can also transfer the data in any format.
  •  Any large data can be sent in a second or if you want to send any audiobook, drama, or music you can also send it.


  • There is no chance that when you send the data you may lose the data. However, you can enjoy full security in the process of transferring.
  • You have to check the report of those devices where you are sending the files. This app can also help you and give you a report. After full detection, you can pause the sending process or you can also send the data.
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Quick Transferring process:

  • This app will give you a speedy transfer process if your device suddenly crashes. You want to save your data with a quick transfer process. This app will give you the tools that you can use. And can migrate multiple types of data.

You can clean your PC from the multiple junk data and can increase the speed of the PC:

  • This app you can also use this for cleaning all types of junk if this junk is in hidden files or any files. Then your PC becomes fully clean. This can enhance the speed of your pc or your work system will do better work without your struggle.

The best app to fix these errors automatically:

  • This app you can also use for fixing the issues automatically. And keep your PC on all the time fully updated.


Through the app, you can also enjoy multilingual means if you want to change the language before sending the data you can. If you do not have the data in an organized form before sending the data. Do you want to organize the data fully or want to send it in a full sequence? Then you can also organize the data by using the tools of this app.  There is no need for Wi-Fi or any other connection to back up the data or the working of the data.  This app you can for multiple windows or if you want to create iTunes or ringtones. You can create one. This app can give you multiple versions for use or you can transfer the data from one device to another. Then install the app and enjoy the facility of cleaning the PC.

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